Horizontal, single stage, end suction, radially split volute casing pump in back-pull-out design. Suitable for continuous operation in process industries to handle clean, abrasive corrosive liquids and stock up to 8% consistency.

Pump Size 32 to 150 mm
Capacity up to 700 m3/hr.
Head up to 100 m
Discharge press up to 16 bar
Temperature -30 to 1600 ℃
Speed up to 3600 rpm

Kwp O

Horizontal, single stage, single entry, back pull out type, radially split volute casing process type centrifugal pumps with radial flow non clogging, semi open multi vane, overhung impeller. Dimension complying to standardized chemical pumps in accordance with DIN 24546. Can be used to pump contaminated fluids, sludge, fluids containing solids admixtures & thick stocks of all kinds. With O impeller, fluids containing air <= 5% & stock density of pulp <=5% can be pumped.

Pump Size 5 models
Capacity up to 400 m3/hr.
Head up to 65 m
Discharge press up to 10 bar
Temperature -30 to 2500 ℃
Speed up to 2900 rpm


Horizontal, end suction pump in back pull-out design with radial flow impellers of single, double, or multivane, closed or semi-closed type. Suitable to handle contaminated fluids, sludges, slurries, fluids containing ad-mixture and thick stock of all kinds having consistency up to 30%.

Pump Size DN 65 to 250 mm
Capacity Q up to 1300 m3/hr
Head H up to 100 m
Pressure p up to 10 bar
Temperature t -30 to 250 ℃
Speed n up to 2900 rpm